Florian Freundt

Jordan 2012 – 21

That’s it, the last pictures from Jordan. It has been an amazing trip, with lots of scientific field work, lots of great opportunities for photography an most important: new friends and very interesting people. I hope I’ll be able to return some day…

20120330 08h58m26s FF7 1262

On the last Friday there, we collected some of the sample containers we had deployed earlier during the first week. Even though it was the end of March, winter jackets were still necessary that day.

20120330 12h22m39s FF7 135720120330 12h15m16s FF7 1338

Noble gas samples.

20120330 12h31m59s FF7 1369


20120330 12h52m12s FF7 1378

Ausbeute. Gut!

20120330 13h39m28s FF7 1389

Having lunch while watching a sheep being skinned and disemboweled. Quite the experience.

20120331 15h58m53s FF7 1433

Last weekend day we went for one of the hot springs we previously had sampled, on the invitation of a friend there.

20120331 15h59m33s FF7 1453

Spent a whole lot of time under that wonderful waterfall, about 40 degrees Celsius warm water, falling from maybe 20 meters.

20120331 16h01m24s FF7 146920120331 16h02m59s FF7 1477


20120331 16h04m10s FF7 149720120331 16h04m41s FF7 150720120331 16h04m36s FF7 150320120331 16h07m04s FF7 1538

Such an intriguing place!

20120331 16h16m09s FF7 157220120331 16h21m47s FF7 1585

While the hotel nearby was way out of everyones league, including ours, the pool at the waterfall was visited by many Jordanians – again, we really stood out as westerners.

20120331 16h27m44s FF7 158920120331 16h32m11s FF7 166220120331 16h33m04s FF7 1668

The wadi enclosing the springs.

20120401 07h34m44s FF7 1764

Next morning, boarding the plane.

20120401 08h18m13s FF7 1784

Crossing the Dead Sea.

20120401 08h25m22s FF7 1788

Israel’s coastline.

20120401 12h48m09s FF7 1802

Back in Frankfurt, taxiing to the gate.

20120401 12h51m50s FF7 1805

That’s all folks, thanks for the patience!

Jordan 2012 – 19

Now that’s what I call a nice sunset. In the midst of Amman traffic, this was one really beautiful sight out the back of our car.

20120327 16h44m18s FF7 022620120327 16h44m29s FF7 023020120327 19h18m22s FF7 0301

Eating at one of the best local restaurants we found so far, a tip of a colleague.

20120327 21h20m24s IMG 0824 2

At a bakery.

20120328 10h31m41s FF7 0329


20120328 10h53m54s IMG 0867 2

First signs of disintegration. Just this morning I sent it away, to get serviced by Nikon.

20120328 13h04m21s FF7 0334

Sampling hot wells in the Jordan valley.

20120328 13h23m09s FF7 035320120328 13h31m01s FF7 037120120328 13h48m49s FF7 0382

On a very beautiful day.

20120328 14h52m42s FF7 0528

Some of the wells were easy to access, some not so much!

20120328 15h22m25s FF7 057320120328 15h03m15s FF7 055720120328 15h23m18s FF7 0581

There, fixed it!

20120328 15h24m13s FF7 058420120328 15h24m33s FF7 0589

Quite a bit of iron in that water.

20120328 15h42m38s FF7 0677


20120328 15h55m53s FF7 074720120328 15h56m02s FF7 0748


20120328 16h05m43s FF7 0806

Selfshot in Nerdshirt.

20120328 16h05m55s FF7 080820120328 16h06m03s FF7 081020120328 16h11m33s FF7 087820120328 16h11m21s FF7 0876

Jordan valley.

20120328 16h20m50s FF7 092120120328 16h21m47s FF7 093320120328 16h22m52s FF7 095020120328 16h43m45s FF7 0975

Back in Amman.

20120328 16h50m43s FF7 0982