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Florian Freundt

Redesign 2011 – Now with 20% more!

As you can probably see a lot has changed here for the newest iteration of this little blog. I completely redesigned the blog theme and even opted for 600px wide images. So that’s 20% more than before! ;) A redesign of my aging portfolio site is nearly finished as well but still needs to be filled with updated content before release. So that will be coming in the next few weeks, hopefully before Christmas.

The current blog design is based on the WordPress theme Manifest by Jim Barraud, but obviously heavily modified. All modifications were made with Coda, a very comfortable tool.

I decided to use the Google font directory and chose the font „Yanone Kaffeesatz“ for style, not really improved readability. After all this blog is a photoblog (even though the by far most read entry is this one).

Displaying the first image of each entry above the title was realized with this little script and some info from here.

The design runs well on current versions of Firefox and Safari, Internet Explorer will probably show it a little bit distorted, but since I’m not a professional at web design and on a limited timeframe that’s fine with me.

Enough text (as you can see, this design is optimized for displaying images, not for text) for now, hope you like the new paint job!

PS: I also got rid of the sidebar, all that stuff was just distracting. You can still find it on the Archives page though.

New paintjob

The year comes to a close and this blog nears it’s first year of existence. I never was really happy with the old theme, manly because I couldn’t get it to do what I want. So this time I took a much simpler theme – “simlpa” by Phy Ly and tried to modify it to my needs.

I used the test version of Coda for this, and I’m nearly sold – I never edited CSS and html files so smoothly and comfortably. Nice piece of software.

And as usual, the wordpress plugin Theme Test Drive allowed for testing every little change I made without interrupting the running blog.

I’m much more content with the new, dark theme. I looks more elegant, less bold and gives a better focus on the images. In addition, when you click on tag to see all posts with this tag, you finally get the posts displayed showing the images, not just the titles as it was before.

Hope you enjoy it too!