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Florian Freundt

The first year…

I just noticed that this blog of mine has been online for more than one year already – in fact the first article is dated from January 9th, 2009. Since then, not only the content of this blog has changed. The last year brought significant change to my life and I think that does also show in the way my photography changed since then – I think the two images I included here give a glimpse of that…


To be honest – I had no clue what I kind of topics I would really put on here when I started the blog back then, and the first few months were distinguished by volatile activity and changing topics and formats. But by now I think I found my way, both interesting to me and seemingly to the approximately 200 visitors stopping by here every day. Thank you very much for your interest!

I’ll close this with a few boring statistics: As of now, this blog had 54350 unique visitors, leaving 202 comments on 212 posts. I think that’s not too shabby for a very personal photoblog of someone just shooting for fun. The most read post (20474 hits as of now) has nothing to do with photography though… but that’s mostly coming from Google.

photos need more than a few hundred pixels

If you’re interested in photography you probably already have heard of The Big Picture by Alan Taylor on Boston.com who publishes great collections of images covering current news stories. That site’s RSS feed has made it into my feed reader list not only because of the great selection of topics and images but also because of the image size: 990 pixel wide news images have been rather rare or next to non existent on the net.

A few days ago I came across the Wall Street Journal’s Photo Journal, a similar site that publishes photo journalism images from around the world on a nearly daily basis. These image selections do not have a common theme and relate only by the day they were taken, none the less they deliver great impressions of many different things going on around the globe.

While The Big Picture really presents a news story in pictures, the Wall Street Journal’s Photo Journal only offers small, but numerous glimpses into many different countries and situations. One thing is very clear though on both sites: photo journalism images need size and quality to really deliver all they can! Part of why these images are so stunning and interesting is because of all the visible details we were simply not used to see on any of the news websites.

For the same reason I have been publishing my images in a similar size (1000×667 pixels) for some time now – if they were any smaller way too much detail would be lost. Of course, some shots could retain their impressiveness and beauty at small sizes because these things aren’t always dependant on detail but rather on colors, shapes and composition. But with most pictures, and especially with those of the journalism kind, a few hundred pixels just don’t deliver enough to the eye of the viewer.

That’s why I’d recommend to take a look at both The Big Picture and Photo Journal, you don’t get to see great images like these on your usual news page. At least not yet.