Starting a WordPress blog

It’s quite easy! Yesterday I had no knowledge of WordPress or mySQL at all, today I have a blog online using these tools (I guess it would be safe to say that the knowledge part hasn’t changed much…). Installation was pretty straightforward, creating the database at my webspace host and installing WordPress was smooth and simple.

As someone caring much about the design, choosing a theme was much harder. The WordPress site has a large selection of themes available, but I didn’t find something suiting my needs and taste. Having decided to create one myself I soon discovered that it wouldn’t be as easy as skinning Winamp back in 2003. My Google searches lead me to the Sandbox theme, a template theme that one can customize by editing a CSS style sheet. And further I discovered the really nice Moo-Point Theme by Will Wilkins, which is based on Sandbox and was nearly perfect for my needs. A few tweaks based on my rudimentary understanding of CSS lead me to the theme you see being used here now, it’s basically Moo-Point with color changes and removed dotted lines. Thanks to Will for this beautiful design!

Instead of writing the posts from inside the WordPress dashboard I use the free Microsoft Live Writer, so far it has proven to be really practical.

2 Responses to “Starting a WordPress blog”

  1. Tolas says:

    Great news. WordPress is easy indeed. Happy bloging!

  2. Lonesome says:

    Kann ich ein Lied von singen.

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