Dailies – LXXXIII

Assorted shots from the past few days.


My current backup solution: a little bit over 4 TB of external hard drives on site, and another 500 GB off site. Better safe than sorry, I have lost too many hard drives so far to trust just one backup drive. These aren’t all backup drives though: My RAW files and the Lightroom database are on one of the 2.5” 500 GB drives, I only have a JPEG library on my Laptop.


The photos from the last two blog posts were the first batch where I constantly used the 1.7 extender for the 70-200. It delivered good quality at F5.6 there. I could have gone a lot closer without a problem, but then again I wasn’t there as a photographer and didn’t want to act as obtrusive as one.


Christmas baking =)


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