…to the first entry of this blog. Most likely you came here because I referred you to this place, so I’ll skip the introduction. I’d rather write down a few thoughts about what you might find here:

First of all, this will be a photoblog: I will post my photographs and some high resolution wallpapers (up to 2560×1600 pixels!) here. I have run a portfolio website for some years and I will keep it running in parallel. But a blog allows me to publish different kind of content more easily and allows much better communication with the visitors by comments and the RSS feed.

The comments on this blog are moderated and will remain so. I do this not because I intend to censor comments (in fact I’d be happy about any constructive criticism and input on my work) but to filter out spam and possible inappropriate comments.

Secondly, there will be some technical stuff: my personal experience with hard- and software. Probably related to photography, but not necessarily so. I use a Laptop running Windows XP, a Nikon camera and an iPod touch – that should give a glimpse on what to expect.

And thirdly, there I even might write about science and politics. So far this is only a thought, lacking a concept that could carry it.

Even though I am from Germany and I might even touch some national topics at some point, I have decided to use English as the language of this blog exclusively. Please don’t keep it to yourself if you spot errors, I might learn a little if you tell.

So much for now, finishing this first blog post of my life I would like to thank you for visiting!

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