Photo : snowy road

Another shot from early this year. Shot with the Sigma 12-24, I had to remove a surprisingly small flare.

From now on I will mark these kind of final developed images as “Photo”, while those images I post right after coming home from shooting are marked as “Shooting”. That might help to separate those two categories – the latter is merely for documentation.

4 Responses to “Photo : snowy road”

  1. Very nice! Looks chilly.

  2. Marko says:

    Nice indeed! So peaceful…

  3. Hola FLorian.
    Veo que utilizas una sigma 12-24 DX con una Sigma 12-24. La verdad es que tengo una D200 y pienso en comprarme la D700, pero mientras esta no llega me pregunto como seria la 12-24 con la D200. Sé que queda alrededor de los 16mm en cuerpo DX, tienes alguna galeria echa en su maximo angular?

    Muchas gracias.

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