Dailies – CDLXXVII

Resuming the dailies, as usual with a lag of about 2 months: A shot I took in November for a friend’s Movember team, the Heidelberg Mobros, managed to collect over 3000 Euros for cancer charities.

20141118 14h45m34s FF82446

And another commissioned shot, of the ATTA-Lab at Heidelberg University.

20141118 15h15m51s FF82529

And a spontaneous, quick portrait of two of the scientists there, didn’t adjust the lighting setup properly.

20141119 19h37m24s FF77177

And now for something entirely different, I started bouldering again on a regular basis.

20141119 20h17m18s FF7720020141119 20h27m55s FF7725420141119 20h47m45s FF7730120141119 20h51m19s FF77351

Weird route.

20141121 21h35m32s FF7746120141121 21h35m46s FF77464

Weird beard.

20141121 21h57m36s FF7749620141121 22h04m09s FF7753320141121 22h40m23s FF7759720141121 23h00m32s FF7760320141121 23h09m33s FF7763520141122 00h06m18s FF77686

Ending the day with dinner and some beautiful music.

20141122 00h24m36s FF7769320141122 00h33m52s FF7769720141122 02h14m19s FF7771420141122 02h52m17s FF7774520141122 03h00m54s FF7775620141122 03h03m39s FF77769

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