Florian Freundt

The End (of the blog)

Last time, I wrote that this blog wasn’t dead. Two years later, I must admit this was a blatant misconception on my part. The older I get, the less time I appear to have. And the more technology and society changes.

I still shoot as much or even more than ever, but it all ends up on Instagram, rather than here. So nearly eleven years after I started this blog, I call it quits – it will likely stay online, but there won’t be any new posts any time soon.

Dailies – DCXCII

The blog isn’t dead, and neither am I. I’m just a bit occupied with writing something – for once the blog break is happening because I have more important things to do. But I’ll be back in summer – for now, just a few iPhone shots of the place I currently spend most of my time at. It’s a nice place. Even when you’re there for more than eleven hours, as I was yesterday.

And of course you can find a few current images on my Instagram, as always.

20170214 13h14m12s IMG 0503 2

20170216 08h50m41s IMG 1035 2

20170216 21h15m59s IMG 1222 2

20170219 09h26m53s IMG 1717 2

20170301 22h16m22s IMG 3283 2

20170302 08h38m27s IMG 3298 2

20170303 20h10m44s IMG 3777 2

20170305 19h47m46s XTWS3778 2

20170308 20h30m07s TPLL9110 2

20170309 11h55m11s IMG 4445 2

20170314 18h40m25s IMG 5735 2

20170319 15h09m04s NRLB3775 2

20170323 00h47m08s IMG 6339 2

20170326 19h06m45s IMG 7045 2